TR-16 Multirec

16 Channel Multifunction Power System Analyzer

Do you want to know the origin of the disturbances of your network?
TR-16 Multirec helps!
The worldwide unique service.

Wide variety of input signal conditioners.
Usable on HV, MV and LV networks as well.
Identifies sources flicker, harmonics, asymetry and voltage sag.
Simultaneous operation on 16 channels.

16 Channel Portable Class A Power System Analyzer


Stand alone or directed, short or long term monitoring, measurement and evaluation of voltages, currents, active and reactive powers, impedances, voltage outages, sags, asymmetry, flicker, harmonics on 16 channels simultaneously according to EN 61000-4-7, EN 61000-3-15, EN 50160 with the basic functions: 
  • harmonic and spectrum analyzer 
  • flicker meter 
  • transient recorder 
Signal conditioner side of TR-16
Main parameters: 
  • 16 isolated (3750VRMS 1 min.) analog and 16 digital inputs mounted in rack system
  • wide variation of input units from 10 Vp up to 1000 Vp or from 2 mAp up to 100 Ap connected directly or to the secondary of voltage or current transformers or to capacitive voltage dividers or to clamp on current probes
  • frequency response: DC-100 kHz; overall accuracy 0.2 %
  • software directed input range selection (4 ranges/input unit)

  • analog and digital triggering from 8/16 channels
  • A/D conversion rate: 800 ksample /second
  • industrial computer housed in the signal conditioner box (iP166, 16 MB RAM, 6GB HDD, 1.44 FDD, 9.5" colour LCD, modem)
  • automatic restart following voltage outage
  • FFT analysis, magnitude and phase up to 63rd harmonic order
  • variable range spectrum analysis; DC-400Hz up to DC-20 kHz
  • antialiasing filter 
  • window functions are software selected
  • oscilloscope, registration and watch operation modes
  • simultaneous measurement of flicker,  harmonics and transients
  • primary scaled active/reactive power, phase and symmetrical components, asymmetry factors, true RMS, impedances, power factor, distortion factor (THD), psophometric weighting of currents and voltages
  • examine data in form of tables, diagrams, plots, mathematical channels, vertical/horizontal zoom, statistics, correlation, printing, plotting
  • flicker measurement and evaluation according to EN 61000-3-15 and EN 50160. Pst, Plt statistics. Calibration of flickermeter according to EN 61000-3-15. Manual or stand alone flicker analysis or watch operation
  • identification of harmonic and flicker sources
  • transient recording (stand alone or manual) on 16 analog and 16 digital input channels. Visualization, evaluation, FFT analysis, printing, plotting, mathematical channels
  • software supported Power-quality report
  • data conversion in ASCII, EXCEL or optionally in other format
  • outlets: serial and parallel ports, internal modem
  • online data transfer through modem
  • MS Windows(tm) based evaluation software
  • CE proof Supply: 230 V 50 Hz
  • Size:540x460x200 mm Weight: 20kg

Two quadrant drive PQ plot
Two quadrant drive PQ plot
Harmonic analysis
Harmonic analysis
Setup Table
Setup table

TR-16 Multirec