Multifunction Power Quality Data Logger


General Features:

VQREG-7 measures 3 voltages and 4 currents simultaneously. It is developed to perform long term measurements and to evaluate the data according to EN 50160. The measured data will be stored and can be downloaded via FDD or RS-232C serial port with a PC. Standard features: built in industrial PC, With Windows XP Embedded, LCD with touch screen.

Options: Mobilr network, only 3 voltage input version (VQREG-3), connection via banana socket.


Main features:

VQREG-7 measures on 7 channels (VQREG-3 measures on 3 channels) simultaneously and calculates and stores the indices of the power quality according to EN 50160 requirements as listed below:

The RMS value of the maximum, minimum and average values for 3 voltage and 4 current channels, the event, duration and RMS value of the voltage dips and outages and swell in a customer tailored  form, harmonics up to 63rd harmonic order, THD, unbalance, flicker (EN 61000-4-15) and currents (if current is measured) and calculates the active and reactive powers, real time statistics and other power quality indices.

The RMS values of every consecutive periods are measured gapless. The integrating time (average time) should be set in the setup. Based on the measured values the evaluation program calculates and visualises the time functions and tabulated statistics.

General data:
-      3 voltage and 4 current inputs. Both the  voltage and current inputs are potential-free.
-      Voltage inputs: 50-600 V RMS
-      Current inputs: 0.1/ 1/ 5A (max 2xIn) user selected prior to the measurement
-      Frequency range: 1-63rd harmonic order
-      Accuracy: 1%,
-      Isolation: 2300 V 50Hz 1 min.
-      Supply:230 V 50Hz (frequency deviation: 48-52 Hz) 59 VA
-      Supply outage override time: 3 minutes
-      Protection IP 55 (with blind cover plate)
-      Dimensions: 27x27x25 cm
-      Weight: 3.8 kp
-      Environmental temp.: 0-40 °C